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Audiovox Insite

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Parrot Replacement Battery for Jumping Sumo & Rolling Spider
Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor
Sportline Sync Activity Tracker
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Parrot Rolling Spider
Parrot Rolling Spider
Pear Mobile Training Intelligence
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Mobile Life for the Apple iPhone 5c 16GB   (Choose a different phone)
Audiovox Insite - Item # LHX0020Q
Ultra-thin anti-loss Bluetooth smart proximity alarm instantly alerts you when you become separated from your valuables. This receiver has an estimated operating range of 30-60 feet and will take the guess work of where you may have left your valuable smartphone or tablet behind.

* Bluetooth 4.0 low energy: Allows the included battery to last up to one year.
* Comes with a downloadable app for two-way functions.
* The app provides the ability to ring a device, link status, control battery levels, and has a GPS location map which shows where the device was last seen.
* It also allows customizable rings or song selections and permits multiple devices to be used on the same app.
* The receiver has a convenient keychain or handy wallet card.
Also works with: [Apple iPhone 4 8GB (Black), Apple iPhone 4 8GB (White), Apple iPhone 4S 16GB, Apple iPhone 4S 16GB (Black), Apple iPhone 4S 16GB (White), Apple iPhone 4S 16GB Pre-owned, Apple iPhone 4S 32GB, Apple iPhone 4S 32GB (Black), Apple iPhone 4S 32GB (White), Apple iPhone 4S 32GB Pre-owned, Apple iPhone 4S 64GB, Apple iPhone 4S 64GB (Black), Apple iPhone 4S 64GB (White), Apple iPhone 4S 64GB Pre-owned, Apple iPhone 4s 8GB, Apple iPhone 5 16GB, Apple iPhone 5 16GB Pre-owned, Apple iPhone 5 32GB, Apple iPhone 5 32GB Pre-owned, Apple iPhone 5 64GB, Apple iPhone 5 64GB Pre-owned, Apple iPhone 5c 16GB, Apple iPhone 5c 32GB, Apple iPhone 5s 16GB, Apple iPhone 5s 32GB, Apple iPhone 5s 64GB]
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