ZAGGKeys Universal Keyboard
ZAGGKeys Universal Keyboard
Carry & Protect for the Apple iPad Air 32GB   (Choose a different phone)
ZAGGKeys Universal Keyboard - Item # CFU9494Q
The most versatile iOS, Windows and Android Bluetooth® keyboard available. The patent pending ZAGG Universal features innovative programming that allows it to work with nearly any device, on any platform. Easily switch between iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems with a simple switch and then enjoy the comfort that the ergonomic design provides while you type. Island-style keys also provide room to type naturally so you can type faster and with less errors than other Bluetooth® keyboards.

* A Universal durable case that doubles as a convenient stand for your device so you can set up your mobile office anywhere you travel
* A battery that lasts up to three months of regular use per charge, you can work in a lot of places without worrying about your charge
* Available in Gray/Lime
Also works with: [Apple iPad Air 128GB, Apple iPad Air 16GB, Apple iPad Air 32GB, Apple iPad Air 64GB, Apple iPad mini 16GB, Apple iPad mini 16GB Pre-owned, Apple iPad mini 16gb (must be ordered with an iPhone 5c or 5s!), Apple iPad mini 2 128GB, Apple iPad mini 2 16GB, Apple iPad mini 2 32GB, Apple iPad mini 2 64GB, Apple iPad mini 32GB, Apple iPad mini 32GB Pre-owned, Apple iPad mini 64GB, Apple iPad mini 64GB Pre-owned, Apple iPad with Retina display 128GB, Apple iPad with Retina display 16GB, Apple iPad with Retina display 32GB, Apple iPad with Retina display 64GB, Galaxy Tab® S 10.5, LG G Pad™ F7.0, Samsung Galaxy Tab® 2 10.1, Samsung Galaxy Tab® 3, Samsung Galaxy Tab® 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab™, Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 10.1, ZTE Optik™]
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