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Clip Cargo Holster Medium
InvisibleSHIELD Dry
OtterBox Commuter Series Case
Otterbox Commuter Series Case
Otterbox Commuter Series Case
CaseMate Glam Phone Cover
InvisibleSHIELD GLASS Screen
JBL Clip Plus

LifeProof fre Case
Mophie Juice Pack Helium
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Carry & Protect for the Apple iPhone 5 32GB   (Choose a different phone)
Clip Cargo Holster Medium - Item # CCU9219Q_C
Universally sized to fit most small to medium mobile and smartphone devices on the market, this rugged mobile device holster features durable nylon material, a hook/loop lid closure, and a 360 degree rugged rotating flex-clip. A back cargo pocket is included for additional storage. Also features the Tooth Ferry Universal Headset Holder.
Also works with: [Alcatel ONETOUCH Retro™, Apple iPhone 4 8GB, Apple iPhone 4 8GB (Black), Apple iPhone 4 8GB (White), Apple iPhone 4 8GB Pre-owned, Apple iPhone 4S 16GB, Apple iPhone 4S 16GB (Black), Apple iPhone 4S 16GB (White), Apple iPhone 4S 16GB Pre-owned, Apple iPhone 4S 32GB, Apple iPhone 4S 32GB (Black), Apple iPhone 4S 32GB (White), Apple iPhone 4S 32GB Pre-owned, Apple iPhone 4S 64GB, Apple iPhone 4S 64GB (Black), Apple iPhone 4S 64GB (White), Apple iPhone 4S 64GB Pre-owned, Apple iPhone 4s 8GB, Apple iPhone 5 16GB, Apple iPhone 5 16GB Pre-owned, Apple iPhone 5 32GB, Apple iPhone 5 32GB Pre-owned, Apple iPhone 5 64GB, Apple iPhone 5 64GB Pre-owned, Apple iPhone 5s 16GB, Apple iPhone 5s 16GB Certified Pre-owned, Apple iPhone 5s 32GB, Apple iPhone 5s 64GB, BlackBerry® Pearl™ 8130, BlackBerry® Q10, BlackBerry® Style™ 9670 smartphone, Centro™ by Palm®, Centro™ by Palm® (Original model closeout), Fusic™ by LG®, HTC EVO Shift™ 4G, HTC EVO Shift™ 4G Pre-owned, HTC Touch PRO™, KATANA® II by Sanyo®, KATANA® LX by Sanyo®, Katana® DLX by Sanyo®, Kyocera Brio, Kyocera DuraCore, Kyocera DuraMax, Kyocera DuraXT, Kyocera Echo™, Kyocera Hydro EDGE, Kyocera KONA, Kyocera Milano, Kyocera Rise, Kyocera Rise Pre-owned, Kyocera Verve, LG LX 290, LG LX370, LG Lotus Elite™, LG Lotus™, LG Optimus Elite™, LG Optimus F3™, LG Optimus S™, LG Rumor Reflex™ S, LG Rumor Touch™, LG Rumor Touch™ Pre-owned, LX150 by LG®, LX160 by LG, Lumia 635, M1 by Sanyo®, M240 by Samsung®, M300 by Samsung®, M330 by Samsung®, M360 by Samsung®, M370 by Samsung®, M500 by Samsung®, M510 by Samsung®, M520 by Samsung®, M610 by Samsung®, MOTORAZR™ VE20 by Motorola, Motorola ADMIRAL™, Motorola ADMIRAL™ Pre-owned, Motorola XPRT™, Muziq™ by LG®, Palm® Pre™, Rumor™ by LG®, S1 by Sanyo®, SANYO SCP-3810, SCP-2400 by Sanyo®, SCP-3100 by Sanyo®, SCP-3200 by Sanyo®, SCP-7050 by Sanyo®, SCP-8400 by Sanyo®, Samsung Array™, Samsung Conquer™ 4G, Samsung Conquer™ 4G Pre-owned, Samsung Galaxy S® 4 mini, Samsung Highnote™, Samsung Instinct® s30™, Samsung Instinct® s30™ (Purple), Samsung M400, Samsung M400 Pre-owned, Samsung Reclaim™, Samsung Seek™, Samsung Trender™, Sanyo Vero™ by Kyocera, Sanyo Zio™, The B'Phone™ by Samsung®, Touch Diamond™ by HTC, Upstage™ by Samsung®, Upstage™ by Samsung® (Red)]
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