Sprint upgrade program

How can I find out if I am eligible for an upgrade discount? You can always check your upgrade status by signing in to My Sprint and selecting "See my contract details." and selecting the My device and media tab.

How do I get it? Just sign on above and shop our great selection of phones to see the discount for which you qualify. You can check your discount eligibility by signing on here. Program requires an account in good standing with no past due unpaid balances, a plan of $39.99/mo. or higher* and a 2-yr. service agreement. Sprint may change or terminate this program at any time at Sprint's sole discretion. Does not apply to Sprint Relay, SERO and Nextel Direct Custom Plan customers.


How can I find out my 'upgrade eligibility' from my device? Sprint upgrade program customers simply text the word 'upgrade' to short code 1311 from your device and you'll receive a free 'reply' text with your upgrade information. It is fast & easy!

What do I do with my old phone? With the Sprint BuyBack Program, earn up to $300 account credit or donate your phone to Sprint Project ConnectSM when you return your old phone, even if it's from another carrier. See if your phone is eligible.

Why buy online? By upgrading your phone online, you can get free shipping.

Need help with your upgrade? Just follow these steps.

Large business accounts click for more details.