Sprint Navigation
Sprint Navigation
Your on-the-go resource for directions, maps and more.

Sprint Navigation
Your phone will know where you are — even if you don't. Get driving directions, detailed maps, traffic alerts (on select phones) and one-click rerouting — the minute you need them.
Key Features
Voice-guided driving directions, 3D moving maps and recommended routes.
Sprint Navigation's BizFinder includes more than 10 million points of interest that you can search by category or business name.
Fast, accurate locations for everything you need - around town or across the country: restaurants, ATMs, hotels, attractions, phone numbers and addresses, or the lowest gas prices.
Pedestrian mode provides street-level directions and maps when you're traveling or trying to find someplace new.
Pre-trip planning site at www.sprint.com/navigation.
What You'll Need
Requires the following, based on your phone:
A Sprint GPS-enabled phone. Check your phone compatiblity. If you have a Sprint phone that is not compatible with Sprint Navigation, see our TeleNav GPS Navigator solution.
A plan that includes data or a data add-on (without a data plan or add-on, Sprint Navigation is 3¢/kb).
Sprint Navigation service and/or software (see instructions below).
Downloading Sprint Navigation
Get it now and your first 5 days are free; additional usage is $2.99/day or you can sign up for unlimited access at $9.99/mo. It's also included in some of our plans. Here's how to get it:
  1. Go to Main Menu > My Content > Applications > Get New Applications.
  2. Scroll down to the search bar at the bottom, type in “Nav” and select “Submit”.
  3. When the results appear select "Sprint Navigation", not "Sprint Navigation Demo".
  4. Follow the Download prompts. Setup may require 3–5 minutes.
Coverage not available everywhere. GPS may be limited by environment. Available on select devices. Other restrictions apply.
See how it works
Sprint Navigation video
Get 3D maps and audible turn-by-turn directions with Sprint Navigation.
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