TeleNav GPS Navigator
TeleNav GPS Navigator
Your on-the-go resource for directions, maps and more.

Sprint Navigation
Your phone will know where you are — even if you don't. Get driving directions, detailed maps, traffic alerts (on select phones) and one-click rerouting — the minute you need them.
Key Features
Voice-guided turn-by-turn driving directions, 3D full-color moving maps and automatic rerouting if you miss a turn.
Traffic alerts with one-click rerouting and traffic and incident details.
Call or navigate to over 12 million businesses around town or across the country: restaurants with ratings reviews and coupons, ATMs, stores, movie listings, gas stations by price, and more.
Speech recognition for address and search business for hands-free driving.
Automatic map and business updates at no extra charge.
Download to your phone for per-day or unlimited access.
What You'll Need
Requires the following, based on your phone:
A Nextel GPS-enabled phone or select Sprint phone. See which Nextel phones are compatible. See which Sprint phones are compatible.
If you have a Sprint phone that is not compatible with TeleNav GPS Navigator, see our Sprint Navigation solution.
A plan that includes data or a data add-on (without data plan TeleNav GPS Navigator is 3¢/kb).
TeleNav GPS Navigator service and/or software (see download instructions at the right).
Coverage not available everywhere. GPS may be limited by environment. Available on select devices. Other restrictions apply.
See how it works
TeleNav GPS Navigator
Get 3D maps and voice-guided turn-by-turn directions with TeleNav GPS Navigator
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Related Information
Have a Nextel phone? Go to the Sprint Digital Lounge to see if your phone is compatible and then download the TeleNav app to your phone.
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Have a Nextel BlackBerry® smartphone? To get the app, go to, select "Nextel" and "BlackBerry" from the dropdowns, and follow the screens.
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