Connect instantly with friends and family on any network.

Need to schedule plans in a flash? Have a quick question and no time to waste? Or, do you need to reach someone when you know they can't talk? Texting is a perfect solution - the fast, quick, quiet way to chat with friends and family without making a call or sending email.
Let your fingers do the talking. Send text messages from your phone or the Web to:
Instant, discreet delivery to domestic and international locations.
Use predictive text for faster texting
Save even more time with texting shortcuts from the Sprint Textionary.
Receive emails using your Sprint mobile email address
More Features
Text to Landline in English and Spanish
Text any landline phone in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. The text is automatically converted to a voice message when it’s delivered. You also receive a text on your Sprint phone when a response is sent back to you.
International Text Messaging
Send and receive text messages internationally for just $0.20 per message.
What You'll Need
You'll need messaging included in your plan. Learn more
If your plan doesn't include messaging, you'll need to add it to your current plan. Learn more
Without a messaging plan or add-on, texts are 20¢/msg.