Sprint One Click
Sprint One Click
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Sprint One Click
Sprint One Click brings all your favorite features to your fingertips. Instead of navigating through endless phone menus, you can put the things you use the most — features like Facebook®, email, TV, Music, GPS Navigation and Web. — right up front. Not only can you access what you need right away, you get to choose what and where it all goes.
How It Works
Add your favorite items to the carousel, which is a row of tiles along the bottom of your phone’s home screen.
The carousel can hold up to 15 tiles, which you can add, remove and rearrange to suit your needs.
Highlight a tile to reveal its menu on your home screen.
Add up to 8 “bubbles” — at-a-glance items that display on your home screen, like the weather or your daily horoscope. For bubbles to appear click the end key, for them to disappear click the end key again.
Browse and download new tiles from your phone's "Personalize Home Screen" tile, or the options menu. You can also automatically check for new tiles by going to options, software updates.
Press your navigation left or right key to select a tile; up or down to select a bubble or menu item.
The “Home” tile always stays put, so you can easily get back to your default display.
Key Benefits
No need to remember what menus your favorite items live in — they’re all one click away from your home screen.
Save keystrokes and time getting to important information.
Personalize your home screen as much and as often as you want.
Get one-click access to your social networking pages, like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.
Go straight to your favorite web pages, like Google and YouTube.
What You'll Need
Sprint One Click comes standard with any plan on these Sprint phones:
Samsung Rant™
Sanyo® KATANA® Eclipse X
LG Lotus™
Samsung Highnote™
LG® LX370
Samsung Reclaim™
Samsung Exclaim™
SANYO® Incognito™
LG Lotus Elite™
See how it works
Sprint One Click video
Personalize your home screen how you want. We'll show you how to do it.
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