Sprint Mobile Sync - My Contacts
Sprint® Mobile Sync - My Contacts
Manage, access and backup your address book with ease.

Sprint Mobile Sync
It's quick, efficient and can be done online or on your phone. All you need is a My Sprint account and a Sprint Mobile Sync-capable phone.
Key Features
Store and manage up to 5,000 contacts in your Sprint Mobile Sync address book, including phone numbers, addresses, notes and other fields.
After your phone is activated, every change you make to your address book will be automatically saved on the Sprint network and every change you make online will be updated on your phone.
Create and manage personal Group Connect® groups to instantly reach up to 20 other users, at the same time, via Nextel Direct Connect® or texting.
Import contact fields to your address book or synchronize them with your Microsoft® Outlook contacts.
Communicate and coordinate activities with up to 34 Direct Connect users at the same time through shared TeamDCSM groups that all users can create, manage and access.
If your phone is ever lost or stolen, your contacts are saved on the Sprint network and will automatically load on your replacement phone as soon as it's activated. Plus, you can erase your contacts from the lost or stolen phone to protect your information.
If you don't want to backup your contacts, you can deactivate Sprint Mobile Sync through sprint.com or from your phone. You can still create TeamDC groups online and reactivate Sprint Mobile Sync at any time.
What You'll Need
Sprint Mobile Sync - included in your service if you have a capable phone.
For Sprint Customers
Enter your sprint.com username and password to access your Sprint Mobile Sync address book via "My Online Tools".
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