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Sprint Music fanatics — Cut the cord from your computer and take your music to-go with Sprint Music Store and Sprint Music Plus. Get 24/7 access to your favorite music and browse, preview and download music tracks from your compatible Sprint phone. Want even more control of your music? The new Sprint Music Plus gives you exactly that with a full-featured music and tone manager allowing you to easily manage your music content all in one convenient place. Sprint Music Plus lets you rock out while you create music and ringtone playlists, assign ringback tones to play for different callers, and get song recommendations based on your music tastes.
With Sprint Music Plus, you can:
Discover new tunes and preview millions of music tracks and ringtones updated daily
Enjoy the convenience of a full-featured music player, ringtone manager and store all in one app
Love the song? Save money and buy your tracks and ringtones in bundles
Manage your content
You can easily transfer music* from the existing library on your PC to your phone.
Manual transfer. Similar to downloading content from the Internet to your PC, you can manually transfer files between your computer and other equipment, such as multimedia players, PDAs and mobile phones. You only need a USB cable to transfer files between your computer and your USB mode capable phone. Mac users can also "drag and drop" files to transfer them between their computer and phone.
Windows Media Player. You can also transfer music* to USB mass storage capable phones with Microsoft's digital media player. Get complete details online.
What You'll Need
You will need a phone that is Sprint Music Plus or Sprint Music Store capable.
You'll need data included in your plan. Learn more
If your plan doesn't include data, you'll need to add it to your current plan. Learn more
Without a data plan or add-on, song prices vary and cost 3¢/kb to download.
*Songs purchased on your phone from Sprint Music Store may not be able to be transferred between your phone and computer because they may be protected by digital rights management (DRM), technology used by content providers to prevent unauthorized duplication of digital media.
Coverage not available everywhere.
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