NextMail® Services
NextMail® is now available on all Sprint phones.

NextMail Services
Quickly send a recorded voice message to up to 50 email addresses and/or mobile devices via text message from any Sprint phone, no computer or typing required. Recipients can reply quickly and easily by text message to your phone.
Here's how it works:
Sprint phones: Select a NextMail contact and push the call/talk button to send to a contact or group, press the end button to hang up.
Nextel Direct Connect®-capable phones: Select a NextMail contact and push the Direct Connect button to send to a contact or group.
Key Features
One-to-Many Communication — Distribute a recorded voice message (up to 5 minutes) to a single recipient or up to 50 recipients. The message will be delivered at once to their email addresses and/or via text message notification.
Intelligent Queuing™ — Provide dispatchers with Customizable Subject Lines allowing for recognition and prioritization of incoming messages.
Time Management and Reporting — Collect payroll data from mobile workers and compile that data into a file for export/import to your time and attendance system.
Location Information* — Include GPS coordinates, interactive map, approximate street address, and even photos to all or only specific contacts.
Photo documentation* — Send pictures with your recorded message to validate or provide additional instruction.
*Features available with NextMail Professional
What You'll Need
NextMail and/or NextMail Professional add-on. If you're a new customer, you'll need to register your account, login and follow these steps to add:
  1. Go to my account.
  2. Look for the main I want to... section on the right and click Change my services there.
  3. Select your device from the pop up and click the Change service button there.
  4. Look for the Change your plan add-ons section on the next screen, and select NextMail or NextMail Professional from there.
  5. Click the Save changes button.
To add to your current plan: Just log in and follow the same steps above to update your phone.
NextMail - $7.50/mo.
NextMail Professional - $19.99/mo.
If including photos:
You'll need messaging included in your plan to send messages. Learn more.
If your plan doesn't include messaging, you'll need to add it to your current plan. Learn more.
If you do not have Messaging or Picture Mail as part of your plan you can still use this service casually at a rate of $.20 per picture.