Nextel Direct Connect
Nextel Direct Connect
Seize the button on the fastest national push-to-talk network — in more ways and in under a second.

No more waiting around, just the ability to instantly connect, collaborate and share with one or many — nationwide, to and from other countries, and even off-network — with our Nextel Direct Connect® portfolio of push-to-talk services. See how first responders and other crews get work done now.
Key Benefits
Get more done. Now. Connect in under a second with co-workers, family and friends to get answers, share info, coordinate projects and make quick decisions.
Save time. Ideal for quick "get in/get out" conversations, push-to-talk communication means instant, short and to-the-point calls.
Collaborate quickly. Use group services to loop in multiple users at the same time on the same push-to-talk network.
Greater choice. Enjoy the largest portfolio of push-to-talk phones, including rugged ones for challenging environments. And we've just added new Sprint phones to the mix.
Nextel Direct Connect Services
Direct Connect®
Direct Connect
Connect in less than a second with any other single user.
Group Connect®
Group Connect
Connect nationwide with up to 20 other users who have the same type of device.
Communicate with up to 200 people at once on your Nextel Direct Connect network.
International Direct ConnectSM
International Direct Connect
Use Nextel phones to instantly connect to and from the US, Canada and select countries.
Direct TalkSM
Direct Talk Off-Network Direct Connect
Use Nextel phones to maintain short-range contact when working or playing in off-network areas.
NextMail® Services
NextMail Services
Send a voice message to up to 50 people, either via an email attachment or as a text.
Direct SendSM
Direct Send
Use Nextel phones to push pictures and contact info, even while you're on a DC call.