Baja, California Coverage

Baja California

Baja, California Coverage
Now you can enjoy extended and seamless Nextel coverage into Baja California -- including greater Tijuana!
While in Baja, you'll be able to:
Make and receive cellular calls
Use Nextel Direct Connect® to instantly get right through
Use ALL of your data service applications and
Enjoy the same low rates for Direct Connect® and data services that you receive elsewhere in the U.S.
What You'll Need
Do you have an older phone model?
If you do, you may want to upgrade. With older models such as i1000, i600, i390, i370, r370, i470, r470, m100, m370, m470, c370, b370, c280, and Lingo, you may experience difficulty picking up your local calling area when you are near the Mexican border. In addition, older model Nextel phones will not have cellular or data services in Baja. In order to avoid these problems, we suggest you upgrade your phone today.
Need assistance while traveling in Baja?
Contact Nextel Worldwide® customer care at +1-360-662-5202. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for international travelers.
San Diego, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas:
Calls made or received in Baja: $.69/minute
Calls from anywhere in the U.S. to Baja: $.20/minute plus airtime
All other areas:
Calls made or received in Baja: $1.99/minute
Calls from anywhere in the U.S. to Baja: $.20/minute plus airtime
Get It
Current Customers
In order to make calls to Baja from elsewhere in the U.S., or call anywhere in the U.S. from Baja, you must contact Customer Care to request international dialing on your account.1
Call: 1-800-NEXTEL6
New Customers
Shop Online
Call: 800-SPRINT1
1Even if you do not request international dialing, you can still receive calls in Baja at your standard rate of either $.69/minute or $1.99/minute.