Traveling Internationally
Traveling Internationally
Fast, flexible voice and data coverage wherever you go.

Traveling Internationally
The world is a big and exciting place – especially when you travel. With Sprint Worldwide, we've got you covered where life takes you.
Sprint offers voice and data coverage around the world. While traveling you can keep in touch by calling, texting, keeping up with your email, and accessing other data services.
Sprint Worldwide Coverage and Rates – Find Sprint Worldwide coverage, rates, features available, and more.
Discount add-on available! For only $4.99 per month the Sprint Worldwide add-on offers discounted rates while traveling. You can Chat with us to add the plan to your account or you can call us at
1-888-226-7212 (option 2).
Traveling to Canada? For only $2.99 per month all calls placed from Canada are only $0.20 per minute! Whether you place a local call in Canada, place a call back to the US, call another country, or receive a call with the Canada Roaming Option you pay only $0.20/minute (without the add-on calls are $0.59/minute).
Country Specific Travel Guides provide details for traveling to your specific destination with your device.
See the Sprint Worldwide Coverage and Rates page for voice, text, and data rates; prices vary by country. Print Sprint Worldwide User Guide for a list of rates by country.
Sprint coverage and rates subject to change at any time without notice; check for current rates and coverage prior to travel. Usage initiated near country borders may be carried by a cell site in a neighboring country and billed at that country's rates. Not all devices capable of roaming everywhere service is available; contact Sprint Worldwide Care for details.
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