Linksys Router WRT54G3G-ST

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Linksys Router WRT54G3G-ST

Firmware Upgrade for Linksys WRT54G3G-ST

This version provides the following upgrades since version 2.00.4:

Following this update, the Mobile Broadband Router supports the following devices:

  • Sierra Wireless: AC595, AC597E Express Card w/sled
  • Novatel Wireless: S720, EX720 Express Card w/sled
  • Pantech Wireless: PX-500

Instructions for installing the Firmware Update:
After downloading and saving the firmware file to a location easy to find (i.e., desktop or thumb drive):

  1. Connect to the router via Ethernet or WiFi
  2. Launch browser and browse to
  3. Enter admin access credentials (default login is 'admin' for username and password)
  4. Select the "Administration" tab
  5. Select "Firmware Upgrade"
  6. Select "Browse" to locate the firmware file you saved then select the file
  7. Select "Upgrade" (Warning: Upgrading firmware may take a few minutes, do not turn off the power or press the reset button during this time)
  8. Next you will see "Upgrade Successful" and the router will reset to complete the upgrade process

Release Details:
Dated: 4/30/08
Firmware Version: 2.01.13

Download (3MB)