HTC Hero™ with Google™

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HTC Hero

Software Update for the HTC Hero with Google

Provides updates to your HTC Hero, including the Android 2.1 update.
The software upgrade posted below provides several key enhancements for your HTC Hero:
Upgraded OS to Android 2.1 Éclair
Includes enhancements to Sense UI
Includes enhanced corporate email support
Includes a variety of minor bug fixes
NOTE: You will need to install HTC Sync software before beginning this update. If you do not currently have HTC Sync software installed, download and install it by viewing the "HTC Sync™ Upgrade 2.0.33" file on this page.
Installation Instructions: We strongly recommend reviewing the HTC installation instructions and following the steps to ensure a successful update. This update process will erase the information on your device, it is important that you follow the backup instructions found here to ensure you do not lose data.
Technical Specifications:
Dated: 6/04/2010
Software Version: 2.27.651.6
Download (118MB)

HTC Sync™ Software Downloads

HTC Sync™ lets you synchronize Outlook and Windows Address Book (Outlook Express), contacts and calendar events on your PC with your phone. It also lets you install third-party Android applications on the phone, and the Mobile Network sharing function as well.
Get download and instructions from HTC.

Download (39MB)

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