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HTC Touch Pro

Software Update for HTC Touch Pro

This software update provides several key enhancements for your HTC Touch Pro.

This update contains the following device enhancements and improvements:

  • TouchFlo 3D updated to improve speed and stability
  • Dialer application enhanced to improve the handling of incoming calls
  • Resolves an issue using the "r" and "w" keys on the virtual keypad
  • Improves contact searching performance
  • Includes a variety of minor bug fixes

Technical Specifications:
Dated: 9/25/2009
Software Version: 2.01.651.6

Download from HTC

Hotfix for HTC Touch Pro

This hotfix provides an update to the most current software update.
This update contains the following device fix:
SMS Timestamp displaying an incorrect year (NOTE: this fix will change the year on SMS messages received prior to installing the hotfix)
NOTE: If the device is not running the latest software version 2.01.651.6, please download and install the latest ROM from this page first.
How to copy the hotfix to the device
1. Download the hotfix below and save it to the desktop of your PC.
2. Verify you have installed and configured the Activesync or Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) software.
3. Place the Touch Pro in Airplane Mode by navigating to Start > Programs > Comm Manager and tapping on Airplane Mode.
4. Connect the Touch Pro to your PC using the supplied USB cable.
5. In Activesync, tap on Explore to bring up the File Explorer window. For WMDC, tap on File Management then Browse the contents of your device.
6. If using WMDC, double click on the device memory folder that appears in the File Explorer screen. This is usually depicted by a backslash icon. Next, double click on My Documents.
7. Drag and drop the hotfix file from your Desktop to the File Explorer window.
How to install the hotfix on the device
1. On the device, tap Start > Programs > File Explorer.
2. Locate the hotfix file and single tap on it to install.
3. Follow the onscreen prompts to install the hotfix.
4. Reboot the device per on-screen instructions to finalize installation.
5. After the device reboots, take the device out of Airplane Mode by navigating to Start > Programs > Comm Manager and tapping on Airplane Mode.
Please Note:
This hotfix will need to be reinstalled if the device is hard reset. Also, the hotfix cannot be installed again until the device is hard reset.
If any software was installed to bypass the MCTS functionality of the device, the device may need to be hard reset prior to this hotfix being installed.

Technical Specifications:
Dated: 1/14/2010
Software Version: Hotfix for software version 2.01.651.6

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