Treo™ 600 by Palm

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Palm Treo 600

Palm Treo 600 Update

Update the software on your Palm Treo 600 smartphone to ensure integrated email service, access to voice memos with Picture Mail and the ability to send and receive text messages with customized priority settings.

The Palm Treo 600 Update features:

  • Integrated Email: Incorporates palmOne POP3 email into the ROM software on your smartphone and syncs it to Sprint's POP3 settings.
  • Enhanced Playback Performance: Listen to voice memos received with incoming Picture Mail messages and use inline MIDI ringtones.
  • Message Priority Capability: Assign high or low priority to outgoing text messages and view high or low priority settings on incoming text messages.
  • Audio quality: The reliability of audio quality has been enhanced.

Technical Specifications:
Dated: 5/13/2004
Software Version: 1.20

  • Includes two HotSync operations: one to backup data and one to restore data after the update process is completed
  • Supports the Palm car kit

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Palm Treo 600 Support

Find the latest software, setup guides and troubleshooting help for your Palm Treo 600 in one convenient online resource.  From Bluetooth setup and device compatibility details to VersaMail and smartphone user guides, the online support will help you optimize the performance and productivity of your Palm Device.

Palm Treo 600 support features:

  • Setup Information. Get easy-to-use setup directions for your smartphone, VersaMail and Sprint Mobile Email.
  • Bluetooth® Basics. Access setup information and a list of compatible Bluetooth devices, including headsets, car kits, printers and GPS receivers.
  • Troubleshooting Assistance. Review online resources to resolve issues with hardware and software such as HotSync, Bluetooth, Microsoft® ActiveSync® and more.

Get complete details on Palm Treo 600 support.
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