BlackBerry Email & Web Plan
BlackBerry Email & Web Plan
Securely manage and access your corporate e-mail.

With Simply EverythingSM plans and a variety of BlackBerry smartphones, Sprint covers all of your BlackBerry needs.
What You'll Need
Compatible plan or pack
Simply Everything plans - 450 $69.99/mo., 900 $89.99/mo., Unlimited $99.99/mo.
Sprint Power VisionSM BlackBerry Pack - $30.00/mo. (requires separate voice plan)
10MB Email and Web - $39.99/mo. (with 1-yr. agreement or separate voice plan term commitment)
Unlimited Email and Web - $49.99/mo. (with 1-yr. agreement), $39.99/mo. (with voice plan and 2-yr. agreement*)
WorldWide - $69.99/mo. (with 1-yr. agreement or separate voice plan term commitment)
*No additional discounts can be applied.
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Data plan required on all active BlackBerry smartphones. Voice & data may be purchased separately. Calls made without a voice plan: airtime (0.20/min.) plus long distance ($0.20/min.). Additional BlackBerry server & license fees may apply. Taxes excluded. No cash back. Requires activation when purchasing.