Cheetah Software Systems
Cheetah Software Systems
Dynamic routing, delivery and dispatch solutions to keep your operations in check.

If you run a private fleet or third-party logistics firm, let us help you reduce your operational expenses, and increase the efficiency of your route planners, dispatchers and customer service reps. Easy-to-deploy and affordable systems for any home or commercial delivery company, Cheetah Delivery™ and Cheetah Freight™ can get the job done.
Key Benefits
Automated Dispatch & Tracking — Cheetah software enables dispatchers and customer service representatives to view driver location and pickup and delivery details instantly from their own route tracking screens.
Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility — Customer service representatives can enter pickup and delivery requests into the routing system for immediate dispatch assignment. They can also create, send and view all messages exchanged with the drivers and provide customers with up-to-the-minute information about their pickups or deliveries.
Automated Wireless Communication — Cheetah provides your drivers with simple, menu driven two-way communications including on-demand GPS-enabled driving directions to the next stop.
Dispatcher Consolidation — One dispatcher can smoothly supervise additional trucks over multiple locations.
What You'll Need
Requires the following, based on your device:
A compatible Sprint GPS-enabled phone. Call Cheetah for phone compatiblity before making your purchase.
PC with Internet connection
Cheetah Freight™ or cheetah Delivery™ service and/or software
For more information
Call Cheetah at 1-888-CHEETAH (243-3824)

Call Sprint at 1-866-805-9890