Sprint knows that responding quickly to patient needs, while controlling costs, is essential for healthcare providers at any level. That's why we provide a wide range of effective communications and data access solutions to help get the job done wherever your rounds take you.

Pager Replacement

Smartphones enable better communication.

Healthcare organizations depend on speed, accuracy and productivity to improve response times and save lives. In order to accomplish this, advanced communication systems are needed to connect doctors, nurses and medical staff. These professionals often carry multiple mobile devices, making communication complicated to manage.
Pager replacement solutions can reduce the need for multiple devices by consolidating messaging to a user's smartphone. Enhanced functionality enables sending communications to the appropriate person, tracking its receipt and capturing the response.
Benefits to pager replacement include:
Generates cost savings, eases maintenance headaches and reduces confusion over which device to contact
Unifies communications by making sure that the message is sent to the correct medical professional and device, and that it is delivered on time
Streamlines communication and workflow processes, allowing professionals to quickly and easily define their location
Enables professionals to respond quickly with their availability, and provide important information and instruction, by using either a predefined set of answers or free-form text
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Telehealth Solutions

Innovation meets growing challenges.

Today's healthcare industry faces the challenge of providing quality care to a rapidly increasing population, while budgets are decreasing. The aging of the "baby boomer" generation is expected to place an overwhelming demand on the industry. Fortunately, technology innovations are available to meet this challenge.
With wireless telehealth solutions and wearable, wireless-enabled devices, alerts can be sent to caregivers via a web-based system when patients need attention or are in distress. These solutions improve health by allowing patients closely monitoring health and wellness, or those with chronic conditions, to monitor and manage their health more accurately and consistently.
Benefits of telehealth solutions include:
Improves diagnosis and treatment as physicians and other care providers base decisions on complete, timely and accurate data
Increases responsiveness with activity-pattern tracking. If a patient's pattern varies outside the expected activity, caregivers are sent alerts
Improves care management with elopement alerts to notify caregivers when patients leave approved areas
Enhances safety with fall-risk alerts that notify caregivers when a patient is experiencing dangerous episodes of instability and might be in danger of falling
Offers cost savings as mobile monitoring reduces unnecessary office visits
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Custom Network SolutionsSM (CNS) for Healthcare

Make communications work where you do.

Whether physicians or other caregivers are accessing critical patient data on a handheld device, or just need a reliable signal to place and receive voice calls throughout the hospital campus, dependable wireless connectivity is essential.
Your hospital personnel may currently be utilizing any combination of cellular, land-mobile radio, nurse call, paging, RFID and WiFi wireless protocols to conduct wireless activity. Let Sprint CNS unite these disparate technologies by helping you design, deploy and support in-building and campus-based networks that can:
Help replace mission critical networks (such as paging)
Promote business continuity
Extend PBX capability to mobile devices
Enhance your urgent patient care capabilities
Expedite all your internal and external information exchanges
Implement an infrastructure that takes future wide-area wireless applications into account
This approach will also help defray the enormous expense of building out a robust Distributed Antenna System (DAS), while increasing the efficiency of wireless signals in your facilities and reducing the power output of your mobile devices.
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Home Healthcare

Bringing the care to the patient.

Studies show that patients recover more quickly in their own environment, as opposed to a hospital setting. Home healthcare nurses provide critical services to at-home patients, and, as a result, spend a lot of time on the road. That's why we've partnered with such leading application developers as Xora®, TeleNav and CellTrak — to help home healthcare organizations better track the time and travel of their mobile caregivers — and why we're working with CellTrak and Homecare Homebase and to provide point-of-care solutions that can improve the quality, accuracy and timeliness of clinical documentation.
With Sprint Home Healthcare Solutions, home healthcare providers can manage the efficiency of their homecare workers while delivering the quality care and satisfaction their patients deserve. Specific solutions include:
Mobile Healthcare Worker Management:
Tracking, location updates and status alerts (speed, stops, jobs, etc.) via handheld devices
Web-based management tools that seamlessly integrate with existing systems
Effective dispatching and management that may result in reduced costs and improved customer service
GPS Solutions:
Enable mobilized workers to find locations and routes while in the field.
Offer powerful location tracking and route management tools via a wide range of GPS-enabled devices
Provide audio and visual step-by-step navigation to the next job, fuel centers and other destinations based on driver location
Point of Care Solutions:
Help improve cash flow through faster billing cycles and increase revenue through more accurate coding
Increase productivity of clinical field staff and reduce mileage costs
Realize operational savings through elimination of visits without orders, reduced copying and paper storage costs, and reduction of data entry and clerical staff
Increase nurse satisfaction by providing easy-to-use handheld devices and reducing unnecessary paperwork
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Healthcare Mobility Solutions

Providing care from virtually anywhere.

To do their job efficiently, healthcare professionals must have information access while on the go — whether it be in an exam room, a hospital ward or anywhere in between. A Sprint wireless device like a mobile broadband card for a laptop or connectivity via a smartphone — can provide that access while helping to replace paper-based processes and improve input accuracy, response times, and quality of care.
Mobile healthcare applications, combined with the power of the Sprint 3G/4G network and device portfolio, can empower caregivers to view clinical results, capture billing codes, examine radiology images and transmit electronic prescriptions directly to pharmacies on the go.
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Emergency Preparedness

Instant communication. When it matters most.

It's imperative that first responders and hospitals work together in times of crisis. To ensure that caregivers are prepared — especially when multiple agencies are involved — organizations need reliable, instant communications at their fingertips. That's why Sprint is ready to extend your healthcare workplace with effective and efficient communications solutions like Nextel Direct Connect®, Group Connect® and Text Messaging. Plus, our Priority Connect service, which puts First Responders' Direct Connect® calls ahead of others, can supplement your existing dispatch communications.
Nextel Direct Connect:
Connects clinical staff, security, trauma, and emergency departments
Provides a one-touch, instant communication tool
Reduces the need for pagers
Direct TalkSM ensures Nextel Direct Connect service among compatible devices, within a range of up to 6 miles, during network outages and when out of network coverage
Group Connect:
Communicate with up to 20 people at one time within a single market area
Assure that everyone gets the same information simultaneously
Quickly confirm the action that needs to be taken, which is particularly critical in trauma cases
Text Messaging:
Send, receive and reply to text messages on any data-capable Sprint or Nextel device
Reduce the number of devices caregivers need to carry
Exchange messages with users from other wireless carriers and with those accessing any email application or
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Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs)

Special discounts for healthcare organizations.

Sprint has long-standing relationships with GPOs representing approximately 85% of the U.S. healthcare market. As such, healthcare enterprises can receive discounts on Sprint services, and employees and associated caregivers can enjoy substantial savings on their Sprint communications services.
Sprint currently works with the following GPOs:
HealthTrust Purchasing Group (HPG)
To see which Sprint GPO discounts are available for your organization, please contact your purchasing contract administrator. When purchasing personal communications service — via telephone, online or in a retail store — be sure to mention your GPO, hospital or other healthcare affiliation to receive your discount.
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Case Studies

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