Sprint Mobile Broadband with 4G
Single-mode 4G devices
Full-time 4G makes for a wireless connection full of wow.

Single-mode devices give you access to the blazing-fast 4G network, where available. Great for one computer or laptop with an appetite for videos, games, email and pics, or use with a hotspot accessory and share a connection at the office or at home.

Quickly access all the apps, information and media you need to stay connected--both in and out of the office. Simply plug the handy little Sprint 4G U1901 into your USB port and you are automatically connected to the blazing-fast 4G network. You’ll love how easy it is to download mammoth files or video conference--without the lag.

The Sprint 4G Desktop Modem CPEi25150 by Motorola allows you to connect to 4G without complicated installation and set up procedures. Power it up, plug it into your computer or wifi router and you're ready to go. A great solution when you need get a reliable Internet connection up and running with minimal hassle.

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