Mobile Broadband Routers
3G/4G Routers and Adapters
Keep connected--while traveling, at remote offices
or when you need a redundant solution.
250u by Sierra Wireless

Get corporate data or Web access for multiple users from virtually anywhere Sprint Mobile Broadband 3G or 4G coverage is available. Just connect a compatible Sprint Mobile Broadband device to one of the following Sprint approved broadband routers or adapters for the connectivity you need.
CradlePoint CBA750 3G/4G Adapter
CradlePoint CBA750
Drop this dual-mode adapter into your LAN for a reliable primary or backup Internet connection.
CradlePoint MBR1200 Failsafe Gigabit N Router
CradlePoint MBR1200 Failsafe Gigabit N Router
Keep your business connected, whether your primary connection is wired or wireless.
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