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December 2001
Nextel achieves milestone, with Nextel Partners Inc., of serving top 100 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) in the U.S.
November 2001
Nextel introduces two new wireless Motorola monolith phones available with Direct Connect service, speakerphone, voice-activated dialing and advanced Java™ technology capabilities.
Timothy Bryan appointed to the Nextel Communications Board of Directors.
October 2001
Nextel unveils breakthrough technologies and programs for use with Java™-enabled Motorola handsets, enabling secure connections between Internet-ready phones and enterprise.
September 2001
Nextel activates 8-millionth domestic digital subscriber unit.
Nextel Communications names Paul Saleh as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.
Nextel responds to national tragedy of September 11th by donating thousands of wireless phones to federal, state and local government agencies, and emergency service provider organizations.
August 2001
Nextel announces Nationwide Direct Connect service, with expanded services starting in Q3 2001.
Nextel announces Motorola iBoard™, first portable keyboard, to enhance mobile office applications with Nextel i85s and i50sx Motorola handsets.
April 2001
Nextel introduces i85s, the first wireless Java™ phone in North America, by Motorola.
October 2000
Nextel records its six-millionth subscriber in the 3Q 2000, just two quarters after recording five million subscribers.
June 2000
Nextel Online Two-Way MessagingSM service launches, enabling customers to send, receive and respond to text messages using their Internet-capable Nextel "plus" phones.
April 2000
Nextel announces Nextel Online® services, the wireless Internet solution for business: an "always-connected" wireless data solution that provides business customers with the tools and applications they need to get business done.
Nextel announces Nextel Worldwide™ service, the largest all-digital wireless coverage in the United States and in more than 70 countries around the world.
Nextel records its five-millionth subscriber in 1Q 2000, just two quarters after recording four million subscribers.
January 2000
Nextel introduces the i700plus™ Internet-ready phone nationwide.
October 1999
Nextel introduces the i700plus™Internet-ready phone in Atlanta, GA and Birmingham, AL.
September 1999
Nextel records its four-millionth subscriber in 3Q 1999, just two quarters after recording three million subscribers.
August 1999
Nextel introduces the i500plus™ Internet-ready phone nationwide.
July 1999
Timothy Donahue promoted to president and Chief Executive Officer of Nextel.
March 1999
Nextel records its three-millionth subscriber in the 1Q 1999, just three quarters after recording two million subscribers.
February 1999
Nextel announces agreement with SpectraSite Communications, Inc. to purchase its 2,000 towers and build 1,700 new towers within the next five years to support the aggressive nationwide expansion of the Nextel National Network.
Nextel launches wireless data services.