Direct Talk
Direct TalkSM
Off-network or in remote locations. You can still communicate with those around you.

Direct Talk
Maintain short-range contact with Direct Talk, the all-digital off-network push-to-talk service that works anywhere, anytime between compatible phones.¹ During emergency situations or network outages, or when you're in a remote area, Direct Talk provides a reliable back-up communications tool when it matters most.
Key Features
Off-network communcation. Connect with other Direct Talk users when on or off the network. Nextel's trademark "chirp" lets you know if anyone is in your range and code/channel.
Group communication. Choose from 10 channels and 15 codes to keep your entire team in touch for short-range communication.²
International service. In addition to the U.S. and U.S. territories, Direct Talk is legally approved and capable for use in Canada, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Venezuela, and the Philippines.
Key Benefits
One-phone convenience. Carry only one phone, rather than a phone and a separate walkie-talkie, for off-network situations. Simply have everyone switch to Direct Talk mode and continue to connect just as easily as when on network.
No static or interference. No annoyance of other in-range phones being heard.
Privacy. Private Direct Talk prevents your conversation from being picked up by others.
What You'll Need
¹Range up to six miles. Terrain, weather, foliage, and man-made structures (such as buildings), among other things, may impact range availability. In-building usage may significantly reduce Direct Talk range. Direct Talk is not approved for use in all countries. Please check local laws before use.
²When using Direct Talk, all users must be switched to Direct Talk off-network mode and within range of each other, and will be unable to communicate with other users who are on the network.
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