Emergency Response Team
Emergency Response Team
Sprint ERT provides continuous communication during critical events.

Unique to Sprint, the Emergency Response Team (ERT) provides short-term wireless telecommunications equipment, infrastructure and operations support to federal, state and local government entities, public safety officials, law enforcement, military and private corporations. These services can be deployed during business continuity and recovery efforts, declared emergencies, agency-specific events, field training exercises, National Special Security Events and pre-planned events.
Sprint ERT in Action
When it matters most, the ERT uses Sprint® Direct Connect®, Satellite Cell on Light Trucks (SatCOLTs™), SatIP Fly-Away-Kits (FAKs) and ERT Go-Kits™ to maintain communications and coverage during any level of disaster or planned short-term event. How the ERT makes an impact
Key resources
Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS): When continuous short-term communication is critical, RDS can keep operations running with 24/7 support and customized solutions to meet your organization’s needs. With SatCOLTs and SatIP kits, we can quickly restore voice, data and IP-based services, plus provide temporary phones for immediate communication, situational awareness and location-based services.
Satellite Cell on Light Trucks (SatCOLTs): Even in remote or dangerous environments, mobile offices can instantly relay vital information over the secure Nationwide Sprint Network. These mobile communication vehicles offer cellular voice, push-to-talk and data services, as well as high-speed, mobile IP data services (wired and wireless). The SatCOLTs are capable of enhancing cellular communication in an existing Sprint service area or providing service in a remote region where there is not existing infrastructure. They can use terrestrial T1, microwave and/or satellite backhaul to provide an umbrella of Sprint cellular coverage. The trucks also can support LAN/WAN remote networking capabilities through IP over Satellite (IPoS). Built on a Ford F-650 Super Duty chassis, the SatCOLT is fully self-contained and is transportable by road and air. A small, dedicated team deploys responders when needed.
SatIP Fly-Away-Kits (FAKs): These systems offer highly mobile, scalable, dedicated IP bandwidth up to 25Mbps — in symmetric or asymmetric configurations — with either dynamic or static IP addressing schemes. Sprint ERT deployable and fixed communication systems provide immediate broadband connectivity via a secure, IP-enabled satellite network. This accessibility supports a wide array of IP-based applications, including backhaul for pico-cell deployments, Internet access, VPN tunneling, VoIP and RoIP, as well as video and audio streaming for complete situational awareness. The kit is a portable satellite package configured to ship counter-to-counter or by commercial carrier or air transport. FAKs are available as a customer-deployable, auto-acquisition satellite system or as a solution that the ERT can maintain and deploy.
Fixed-install antenna systems: Permanent installations help mitigate risks associated with manual deployments, including time to deploy and available resources.
Go-Kit™: As the name implies, Go-Kits are always ready for emergencies, business continuity and recovery operations, preparedness drills and pre-planned events. The kits include Sprint phones, mobile broadband cards, hotspots and critical accessories that can be kept in strategic locations. Simply purchase them at an allowable contract price, pay a low monthly reservation fee and only pay for minutes when you use the equipment.
Short-term communication equipment rentals: More than 10,000 devices are available for short-term rental when you need additional phones, mobile broadband cards or tri-mode hotpots during disasters, business continuity operations, recovery efforts, field training exercises or pre-planned events.
For more information
To learn more about the Emergency Response Team, contact your local Sprint sales representative, or send email to ERTRequests@sprint.com.
Other helpful sources include:
24/7 ERT hot line: 888-639-0020 | Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS) users: 254-295-2220
Case studies
Sprint ERT provides satellite back-hauled voice and data connectivity to temporary field hospital after tornado hits trauma center in Midwest
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Communication relief services help Alabama's Huntsville Hospital in aftermath of tornado
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